Kalen DeRoo Photography | What to Wear


...What to Wear...

This is important.

You might not think it is, but man, oh man, I can't stress this part enough.

Your outfits are equally as important as the location, lighting, and my photography equipment.

Luckily for you, I am here to help you style your session!


...Coordinate Outfits...

When I say "coordinate" I don't mean you need to completely match.  

It is best to take colors into consideration, but you don't want everyone in white shirts and blue jeans or everyone in khakis and polos.  Even siblings should be in their own, individual, outfits.

Being "matchy-matchy" can actually be very distracting and take away from the individuals in the photos.

I recommend you pick a color and build your family's outfits off of that color.


...Colors & Patterns...

As I mentioned above, choose a color that you want in your photos {typically two or three colors photograph nicely}.

Be sure to take the season, your home decor {since I imagine you'll want to display these on your walls}, and your style into consideration.

I love neutrals {they really allow the individual to pop}, but I love color, too {it brings the photo to life}!

Bold colors are my favorite & they photograph well {think dark blues, maroon, mustard yellows}.


When choosing patterns, it is best to keep them to a minimum.

Pick one person to wear a pattern {a plaid shirt or a floral dress, for example} and then choose colors within that piece to branch out to the rest of the family.  I try to limit patterns to one person in the family.

Textures are a great option, too.  Lace, corduroy, and denim are great ways to add texture.  But, remember, more is not always better, so be sure to limit textures to one or two people.


Layers are great for adding more character to your photos, as well.  This is especially encouraged in the colder months.


Ladies, let me add, I LOVE a beautiful flowing skirt or dress!  They photograph beautifully & add great visual effects and movement in a photo.



I love small accessories in photos.

If you have a little girl, feel free to add a coordinating headband or bow... moms, add some statement jewelry {but, make sure it coordinates with your outfit and doesn't overpower it}.  

You will want to keep any ball caps and sunglasses behind.  They will be distracting and hide the faces we are working so hard to showcase!


...What Not to Wear...

I touched on this a little above, but here is a complete list of what to avoid in your session:

* Sneakers, tennis shoes, flip flops, heals - It's all in the shoes.  Our eyes are often times attracted to what a person wears on their feet & a pair of tennis shoes can really break an entire outfit.  Opt for shoes that are canvas or boat shoes.  Tom's, Vans Classic, or Converse are my favorites.  Boots are also a great option!  Ladies, most of my sessions require a lot of walking... in the grass!  You will want to wear something that will be comfortable, yet stylish, that won't get stuck in the grass.  For kids, we do venture into tall grass often & here in Texas, you never know what other kritters or bugs are in the grass.  Closed toed shoes are always encouraged.

* Neon Colors - They don't photograph well & create color casts on skin that isn't appealing in the photos.

* Character shirts & Logos - Character shirts tend to be very distracting and will pull the eye away from your beautiful faces & direct them right to the character or logo.    


...Things to Keep in Mind...

Wear Outfits that fit now, not later.  I know we all want to get as much time out of an outfit as possible, but if they are a size or two too big, they will most likely look baggy in your photos.

Highlight your best features!  If you love your legs, rock a short-er flowing dress that shows them off {remember, we will be sitting in some photos, so not too short}!

Be you!  When choosing your outfits, be sure to pick items and colors that compliment you!  You don't want to wear pink if you hate the color pink or plaids if you don't feel confident in them.  You want that confidence to shine, so be sure to choose outfits you will rock!

And, for those who learn like I do, here is a link to my Pinterest board for some visual inspiration:



...Your Outfits...

I would LOVE to see what you have chosen or are thinking about purchasing.  This will help me to prepare certain poses or actions in your photos.  I am more than happy to help with any questions you may have in pulling your outfit together, so feel free to email me with pictures, questions, concerns!  Helping you coordinate your wardrobe is part of your session, so share away!!