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July 4 on 4 - {Summer} - DFW Area Photographer

July 04, 2016  •  2 Comments
Hi, there!
I am a family photographer in Providence Village, TX and service the DFW area.  I'm originally from the northeast and have spent most of my life in Vermont.
I never thought my heart would find a home in Texas, but I love it here in this busy metroplex.
I am new to blogging on my business page, but was recently invited to join a group from Clickin Moms in sharing my 4 favorite images of the month.  I love this group of ladies!  There is so much talent in the Clickin Moms community and I'm so blessed to be a part of their circle!
Be sure to check out Lisa R. Howeler's blog & complete the circle!
For this month, I'm going with a summer theme since I feel as if we have lived in or around the water lately.
We live in Texas.
It's hot here!!!
This summer seems to be record temperatures, too, so it's either A/C or water for us.
And, with a 4 year old and a 1 year old, we need to find fun ways to get the wiggles out.
My oldest is a fish... kind of.  She loves the water, but is extremely hesitant to go under.
We bought a GoPro at Christmas time and I have been itching for an opportunity to use it in the water.  Summer couldn't get here fast enough.
When I captured my 4 year old going under water for the first time EVER, I was ecstatic.  It just confirmed why I love photography.
This image will be framed and featured in our home for many years.

She is a little toy thief.  It never fails, every time we go to our community pool, no matter how many toys we bring, she wants to play with everyone else's.  And, in turn, they get to play with her toys!  Community pool.... community toys.  Win, win!

{seriously, those blue Texas skies are to die for!!!}

This is my youngest.
She is so different from her sister in a lot of ways...
She has curly hair, she said "mama" first, and she LOVES to eat!!
She also loves sunglasses, so don't even think about wearing a pair.  She'll take them right off of your head.
She is one cool girl!
And, lastly, this picture captures so much of my 4 year old that only her mama would pick up on!
Those knotty ringlets... we have never cut her hair & I know the second we do, those baby curls will be gone.
She is holding her favorite mermaid.  If she could be any Disney Princess, I think she would be Ariel {ok, she would probably say Anna, but this girl LOVES mermaids}.
The dirt on her little baby tush, peaking out of her bathing suit... 
...and what you can't see in this picture is she's terrified to run through that sprinkler.  We were all giving her pep talks trying to get her to run through.  It only happened once or twice.

That's it... June summed up in 4 pictures!  I can't wait to see what July has in store for us!



Chrissy Mazer(non-registered)
I love these!! My six year old is one of those kids who wants to play with everyone else's pool toys also. We always bring a bunch so that we can share.
Lisa Howeler(non-registered)
love these!! I photograph my daughter's curls too!
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