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September 04, 2016  •  4 Comments
Hi, there!
I am a family photographer in Providence Village, TX and service the DFW area.  
I am new to blogging on my business page, but was recently invited to join a group from Clickin Moms in sharing my 4 favorite images of the month.  I love this group of ladies!  There is so much talent in the Clickin Moms community and I'm so blessed to be a part of their circle!
Be sure to check out Chrissy Mazer's blog & complete the circle!
Four years ago we welcomed our first little girl into the world.  When she was born, everyone told us not to blink because the time would fly by.  I remember thinking that I would do everything in my power to make it different for us.  We would make the days long and the moments extra special & as much as we strive to do that each day, I have to admit, they were right... it has flown right on by!
The last week of August we sent our first baby off to preschool!
I must have blinked...
Everyone tells me how much faster time flies once your kids are in school & I'm not sure I'm ready for that whirlwind of time.
Be still my heart!!
The night before her first day of school I took her into downtown to take her Back to School photos {and to spoil her with ice cream... I am not below bribery when it comes to photographing my kids}. ;)  She is so excited for this new chapter in her life and I am so scared to trust somebody else to love and care on my baby.  She has been by my side since day 1!!  This is a whole new world for me!



Toni Pullum(non-registered)
What a little sweetheart! And I hear ya mama, my little guy will be turning 4 on Halloween and I just cannot believe how quickly the last 4 years have flown! How can we slow down time??
Back to school is such a bittersweet time!! I don't think I'll ever understand those parents who jump and clap when its time for the bus to come rolling around.

Her back to school photos are beautiful! Well done!
Adorable pictures! So smart to take school pictures the day before. I always taken them the morning of and feel so rushed. I'll have to keep this in mind for the future!
So cute! Thinking of my daughter going to school makes me both excited and scared! Love the variety of expressions you've captured here. I hope she liked the ice cream! Are 4 year olds better at eating ice cream than 1 year olds?? So glad to have you in our blogging circle!
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