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October 04, 2016  •  3 Comments
Hi, there!
I am a family photographer in Providence Village, TX and service the DFW area.  
I am new to blogging on my business page, but was recently invited to join a group from Clickin Moms in sharing my 4 favorite images of the month.  I love this group of ladies!  There is so much talent in the Clickin Moms community and I'm so blessed to be a part of their circle!
Be sure to check out Lisa R. Howeler's blog & complete the circle!
Last month I shared that my daughter started preschool & I couldn't have imagined it going any better!
She is learning so much more than I ever could have taught her at home.
No matter how many times I had tried to teach her to count past 11, she always got hung up on the teens, but her teacher must be a magician {and a saint} because not only is she counting to 20, but in just a month she's counting to 30 and beyond!!
I am one proud mama!
Last week, Norah got awarded the Star Student title!
She got to be line leader whenever they left the classroom, there was a day where her teacher shared all of her favorites with the class, and most importantly, she got to bring home their class "pet," Sparky!!  Norah had the job of caring for him and I had the job of  documenting all of their activities in a photo journal.
My favorite 4 this month are of Norah & Sparky doing some of her favorite things from sharing an Oreo milkshake, jumping in puddles, going to the library, and going camping!
It was sad to return him to the classroom on Friday, but with any luck he will be back before the end of the year.


Chrissy Mazer(non-registered)
Aww I love the one of her reading to Sparky!! Way to go, girl!!
Congrats to Norah on the Student Star title! I bet caring for that dog felt extra special.
Toni Pullum(non-registered)
She is such a cutie!! Great moments captured!
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